Faking It With a Duck. The Best Advice You Will Ever Receive.

The best advice you will ever recieveI was talking to Cat (you know the other awesome owner of this blog) today and she said ‘I wish I was a writer’.

Being a very supportive business partner/friend I swiftly responded with ‘You are a writer’

‘I fake it’.

Who doesn’t? I have had many experiences in my life and the one motto which has carried me through my entire teen/adult life:


I am a firm believer in fake confidence. Fake confidence is just as good as real confidence. Only you will know the difference.

It is like the story of the duck.

On the surface a duck looks super calm and peaceful but if you were to look under the water the duck is paddling like a madman getting to where he is going. No one sees the frantic paddling so we all this the duck is peacefully swimming along.

If you are ever stuck in life just think of faking it with the duck.

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