Facebook Games Series: What is a Page Bomb?

facebook games to play on your fan pageAs you may or may not know, I LOVE Facebook games. I play them frequently over at Bundles and Buzz. As you also may or may not know, I am not super creative. I stick to my favourites. One of my favourite ways of sharing the love with the great companies we work with is via the ‘Page Bomb’.

So, what, you may be wondering, is a Page Bomb?

Page Bombs work like this:

page bomb 1







1. The page host will tell you, go bomb ‘ABC company’.

page bomb 2


2. The participants will then head to the ‘victim’ Facebook page and (hopefully) ‘like’ the company’s page, they will browse quickly, learning something new about the company and then write ‘Bomb from @Bundles and Buzz’ on their wall.


page bomb 3


3. The participant will then head back to the host’s page and comment below the Page Bomb status one thing they learned about the Bomb ‘victim’s’ page.

page bomb 4












4. On my page I *may* give out random store credit to one player. Remember to get to know Facebook’s policies prior to hosting any giveaways on your page.

Why do page bombs? Spreading the love of course! Increasing exposure of other small businesses is always beneficial to your business. 

Common courtesy. Please be sure to ask the ‘victim’ page owner’s permission prior to bombing their page. Although most companies will love the new fans and exposure, some may see bombs as ‘spam’.

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