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Etsy Shop Spotlight – Leftover Hippies

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At Thinking Outside The Sandbox we are always looking for ways to provide you with the information you need to make your business succeed. We are huge advocates that teamwork makes the dream work. We have contacted Etsy shop owners to share their knowledge with you on how to start a successful Etsy business. Want to be featured? Contact us!

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Etsy Shop Spotlight – Leftover Hippies

Leftover Hippies was opened in 2010. Hazel makes all-natural hand-rolled incense sticks and cones.

She creates her recipes using herbs, woods, resins etc. and adds a special bark to each mixture to keep it burning.

Then, she creates an almost dough-like substance by adding some water and tree gum. From the dough-like substance, she rolls her sticks and cones.

With her 5 star store review and almost 200 customer reviews you know she is doing something right. 

What have you learned since opening your shop?

I have learned to analyze my stats and try different tags.

Having good pictures is important, of course, but so is having great descriptions and relevant, searchable tags.

The team at Etsy wants sellers to succeed; there are so many great seller resources on the site to advantage of.

What is one piece of advice you want someone opening a shop to know?

Don’t open your shop until you are truly ready to open your shop!

Get your photos in order and descriptions drafted elsewhere. Do your shipping research so you will know your shipping costs.

The problem with opening a shop and building slowly is that an incomplete shop actually drives potential customers away.

Not only that, the date you open your shop is public so it will look like you have had less average sales because of the longer time period. I, for instance, opened a feeble shop in January 2010 but didn’t properly list an item until November 2011 – almost 2 years! It’s hard for a customer to click on your shop and see that it’s been open for a while but that no one has purchased from you yet, and then still take the plunge and buy something.

Excellent quality incense. I like having the sampler pack so I can find the scents I like without fear of wasting money. – Andrew

I love the smell of my incense, and she even added a sample stick of another scent, which was really sweet. If it didn’t take so long to receive packages from BC, I would order more, but I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone who’s looking for high quality, non-toxic incense! – ThinWhiteDuchess

The owner was very accommodating and as helpful as could be. These arrived quickly, and I hope I’ll be able to use more of them! – Renee

Visit the Leftover Hippies Etsy shop.

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