Enjoying the Attractions of Malia on a Budget

The warm climate, rich history and attractions of Greece make it a popular vacation destination. Anyone planning a visit should look to Crete, which is the largest of the Greek Islands. It has many places to stay and Malia is one of the best for those looking to have fun on a budget.

 Enjoying the Attractions of Malia on a Budget

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Why Choose Malia?

There are many reasons to choose this destination for a vacation. Malia holidays are all about Crete’s vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches although there are other attractions. The size of the city and surrounding villages enables cheap accommodation to easily be found, while buses and taxis are readily available and inexpensive to make getting around simple. This makes Malia an affordable destination and tourists can enjoy a range of activities and attractions. This includes the beaches, nightlife and 1,000 years of culture and history.

Getting There

It is possible to get to Malia by sea or air. In both cases visitors will arrive at Heraklion, which is around 30km away. Many of the budget airlines around Europe fly directly to Heraklion Airport. Ferry companies also offer budget travel to the port at Heraklion from Athens and other locations. It is therefore possible to find cheap travel options to get to Malia.


Visitors to Malia can find a range of budget accommodation. Guesthouses are a popular choice, with rooms in local properties offering a comfortable and inexpensive place to stay. There are also many budget hotels to choose from and another option is the small studio apartments in Malia’s old town. These are relatively basic, but offer excellent value for money.


There is no need to spend a fortune to enjoy the attractions of Malia. Around 6km of beaches offer golden sands, sunbathing and swimming. The pool bars are usually free to enter and for the price of a drink patrons can take advantage of the entertainment, which can include pool tables, Jacuzzis, games and DJs. There are also plenty of cheap bars and clubs for anyone looking to enjoy Malia’s vibrant nightlife. Other attractions to take in while there include the ancient Palace on Malia and the Monastery at Agios Georgios.

Budget conscious tourists will find that Malia, Crete, suits them down to the ground. It’s affordable to get there, find accommodation and take in the attractions, and this ensures a fun-filled vacation without breaking the bank.

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