Clothing Brands that Sell Well on eBay

Whether you are a brand new seller or someone who has been selling on eBay for a long time, you are constantly looking for Clothing Brands That Sell Well on eBay.

Clothing Brands That Sell Well on eBay


Clothing Brands That Sell Well on eBay

I wanted to share a few items that sell consistently for me in a timely manner and my opinion on why they do.

For the record, I cannot guarantee that these items will sell well for you too, so please only take this as my opinion.


I cannot count on my hands the number of Levi’s jeans that I have sold on eBay, mostly men’s (but I have sold women’s and children’s too) to date.

This is an item that I know will sell because they are a quality product and one of the most recognizable brands withing their product genre.

People love to buy them new, lightly used, well used and even vintage (the most lucrative sellers) so you can pretty much sell them in almost any shape and size they come in.

Speaking of sizes, Levi’s jeans that are a larger size are not as easy to come buy so they also sell well.

Clothing Brands That Sell Well on eBay

I do not like to pay more than $3-4 for a pair in very good condition. And I would certainly pay more for ones that are brand new with tags.

My thrift stores will price them between $5-$10 (used) and I will usually  only purchase them on a half-price day.

I can usually sell them for $20-$25 (with free shipping) and clear at least $10 in profit. Maybe $10 does not sound like a lot to you.

But it is really only about 10 minutes of work for me to shop, list and ship the item so $10 for 10 minutes of effort works for me. I have also sold Levi’s shirts and denim jackets.


I love finding clothing made by Patagonia when I am thrifting. I can hear that cha-ching sound of making money in my head as I am grabbing it.

If you are unfamiliar, this is an outdoors brand that is popular among hikers, rock-climbers, etc. It is another brand known for being quality-made and people just gravitate towards that.

Clothing Brands That Sell Well on eBay

One of their most popular items, the Snap T Fleece sells for $99 new on their website.

If you can find a vintage print or color it can go for over $200 (even used) on eBay.

I have also sold men’s shirts, pants and “baggies” shorts as well as women’s shirts and shorts.

Purchasing this brand at the thrift stores will range in costs, depending on the items.

But I know I can get at least $20 for any basic clothing item on eBay, well up to $100-200.


You may not have ever thought of this before, there are a lot of Disney collectors and lovers.

Whether it’s a specific character like Mickey Mouse, a specific Disney movie, or a Disney branded item, someone wants it.

Maybe there is a family planning a trip to Disney World and want to purchase Disney shirts to wear there.

Clothing Brands That Sell Well on eBay

I have found graphic t-shirts to be the best seller for me, specifically the Disney World branded ones are some Clothing Brands That Sell Well on eBay.

I will usually only pay between $0.25-$3.00 for a t-shirt.

What’s amazing is I sell it for between $10-$20, depending on the condition and rarity of it.

The profit margin is not usually a large one, but these are consistent items that keep sales steady.

What are some Clothing Brands That Sell Well on eBay for you?

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