The Car Of My Dreams

Many moms, like myself, are happy (or not so happy) driving their minivans. Mine is full. Quite literally. I have 5 kids and a double stroller in the trunk. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a dream of a small, compact car. One that is good on gas and beautiful to look at.

Few car grills in the world are as recognizable in the world as the 500 series from Fiat.  It is like a face, frozen in time, headlights shining like eyes staring you down across the highway. The grill, four simple letters F-I-A-T in a circle, and fins, sculpted, raising slightly at the edges. In a faint smile, perhaps. But more likely just a confident, serious look that screams you will regret underestimating me.

I don’t think it is simply the look and the features of the car. It is the lifestyle it evokes in my mind. I love my children, I love them being small and sharing the world with them. But as I believe many other moms, every once in a while I take myself to a place either before they were born, or after they are grown. When I can head to the grocery store alone, or take a weekend away!

You can read all about our thoughts of the FIAT over at Pomoco Alfa Romea Fiat Of Newport

When you are driving into the sunset in 20 years, what is your car of choice?

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