Car Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

Busy parents know how dirty their vehicles can get. It is so hard to keep them clean with kids in and out all the time. With everything else we have going on, who can find the time to clean their cars? We can barely find the time to clean our homes. Here are some great car cleaning tips for busy parents.

Organization is key- One of the most important car cleaning tips is organization. There are many different vehicle organization items in stores and online that you can hang on the back of the front seat so they are facing the kids in the back. These organization gadgets are ideal for keeping things together such as toys, sippy cups, books, snacks, diapers and wipes.

Tidy up often- As soon as you get home in the evening or after a weekend venture, get rid of all the food wrappers, empty drink cans and excess toys. If you leave this stuff there telling yourself you will get to it later, later usually never comes and the junk piles up.

Have a food/drink rule- Many parents will let their kids eat and drink whatever they want in the car. However, there are some items that shouldn’t be eaten in the car like foods that are crumbly or foods that are greasy. Milk is another item that should not be allowed in the car since it stains and stinks up the upholstery.

Clean using actual products- You should give the car a good cleaning twice a year. This is where you take the covers off the seats and wash them, steam clean the upholstery and carpets and take the seats out and give it a good clean.

Keep an emergency cleaning kit- One thing that all busy parents should keep in their vehicle is an emergency cleaning kit. This kit should contain things like small plastic bags, large trash bag, paper towels, washcloths, general cleaning solution, carpet cleaning solution and glass cleaner.

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