Can I post this HEAR? YOUR gonna want to read this.

grammar in businessDoes that title look right to you?  Did you wince when you saw it?  Gotta love homonyms….

Homonyms are words that sound the same, but have completely different meanings.  It’s easy when you’re talking with someone, because you don’t have to think about the spelling.  People know which word you mean because of context.

But writing it out?  That can be fun.

Here are some common homonyms that get mistaken for each other all the time:

They’re, Their, There

You’re, Your

It’s, Its

‘ They’re’, ‘you’re’, and ‘it’s’ are all contractions, which are used in more informal styles of writing and speech.  For instance, I’ll use contractions when writing to you, my readers, but I will not use contractions when writing a business letter or loan application.  ‘Their’, ‘your’ and ‘its’ are all possessives (eg. It’s their choice to publish this article, and your choice to read it).  The last ‘there’ is a place (eg. over there, under there, etc).

Here, Hear

‘Here’ is the opposite of ‘there’.  I remind myself that, except for the ‘t’, they’re spelled the same.  ‘Hear’ refers to a sense.  You hear with your ear.

Accept, Except

‘Accept’ means ‘to receive willingly’, and ‘except’ means ‘apart from’ or ‘exclude’.  I will accept (or allow) comments or critiques on this post, except (I will ‘x’) spam messages.

Lose, Loose

The first is an action, the second is ‘the opposite of tight’.  If you keep tying your shoes so loose, you might lose one of them.

To, Two, Too

‘To’ is a preposition (I’ll get into prepositions another time), ‘two’ is a number, and ‘too’ means ‘more, as well, also, etc’.


Coming soon,  “Am I ALOUD to post the next part ALL READY?”

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