How To Boost Your Blog Traffic

To boost traffic to your blog and optimize your reach… you need to branch out.How To Boost Your Blog Traffic1- Try doing Link parties (I have one on my blog, yourmodernfamily, every Saturday).   I did a LOT when I was first starting out.  I did probably 5-10 different parties a day for the first 4 months or so, but it helped me tremendously in growing my followers!Now I do around 1-3 a week, if that (a fellow blogger and I link each other up… it really helps to have a blogging buddy that can support you!)

  It is time consuming, so you might want to pick one a day, that has a big reach and link up there.  This will bring readers to you that are interested in what you have to offer on your blog.  They may leave a comment.  If they do, comment back and then visit their blog.   

2- Connect with readers:  Ask simple questions on Facebook (tonight I asked “when was your last date with your spouse?”)   Get to know them and let them get to know you.   Let them e-mail you.   In my Potty Train in a Weekend book, I write “e-mail me with any questions” and I get a lot of e-mails, but then I also grow my followers because those people that wrote to me end up being new followers (and even friends).
Just interact a lot…  Comment on their comments (on FB, pinterest, your blog… wherever).    If you are looking to connect with other bloggers, the best way to start networking is definitely with Facebook.  I am in SO MANY blog groups on Facebook!  (SO many!)   Also, comment on their Facebook posts and share for them.  Pick a few every week and keep going back to those ones & commenting on them, but also connect with them on FB & twitter.
3- Find a blogging tribe.   Find a group of bloggers and share each other’s work.  Be a team, have each other’s backs.
4- Be Social:  Pin often, post often, share often, tweet often.That’s about it- blogging is a lot about relationships, so help other bloggers out, interact with your readers and be a friend!

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