Birth of a Blog: Post-Launch Panic

I’m sort of a pessimist. When things go awry, even if I moan and pout about it, I’m not surprised. When things go well, I sometimes freak out. It’s all downhill from here, right? That’s what happened with the blog launch.

Apparently, all my hyping for months ahead of time worked. I had over 100 views the first day, which I was pretty happy with. I also had a sale in my Etsy shop because of it, and an appointment for a “house for sale” tour. It was all going just as well and better than I’d hoped.

I had even more views the second day. I was ecstatic.

It became evident that the third day wasn’t going to do as well. I became a woman obsessed. I wanted more views each and every day. I wanted that kind of growth. I pounded social media and every kind of free promotion I could think of. Eventually, I even paid to boost my post on Facebook. It helped, but I “only” got 91 views. Ugh.

Like I said, things going awry suits my personality. Because I now officially wasn’t going to have more views each and every single day, I didn’t have that pressure. I only had 47 views or so on the 4th day, and I wasn’t happy, but that still would have been a good day on my old blog. I’m just starting. It’s ok. I can’t afford to boost posts every day. I can’t afford to put all my time into promoting rather than generating content. Relax. Be patient.

That wasn’t the only unexpected event post-launch. About three days before the launch, I approached someone for an interview, and it became a tense misunderstanding in which it came out she wasn’t sure I was legit. We worked through it and came out, I think, liking and respecting each other. Still, it was a rough patch and made it even more of a shock when a few days after the launch, I asked someone well known in my niche for an interview and he said yes and he’d heard of me. Wow. What a difference a live blog makes. And honestly, even that was a bit of an emotional crisis for me; it was a good thing, but keeping up with this blog is going to ask a lot of me. Never knowing how people will react to me and my work is hard. When they don’t like it or me, I get upset. When they do, I’m afraid I’ll do something to change that. It’s the story of my life, really.

The last unexpected pressure—for now, I’m sure there will be more—has to do with content. I’ve written and scheduled my posts about a month and a half ahead. Since doing so, I’ve seen posts on similar topics and it drives me nuts. Of course, there is nothing new under the sun, but these bloggers know I read their work. What if they think I’m just a wanna be or a copycat? And I wrote all my posts before I even saw theirs! Of course, my actual words and ideas are my own, but it’s still stressful to me. I have to trust that what I am bringing to the table is unique and worthwhile. That’s hard.

Anyone else have an emotional crisis over their blog launch? How did you deal with it?

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