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Preface: This post touches upon a very sensitive issue. I have not written about the details and will only call it an ‘event’. This is out of respect for all of the parties involved/touched by the tragedy. 

This past Friday an event happened in Newtown, Connecticut which can only be called a tragedy. Local and international outlets have been extensively covering the event since.

With social media, television, radio and print media I have been bombarded with news on the happenings in Newtown.

Being a small business owner I have found navigating through social media the last few days to be difficult.

Should I acknowledge the event on my fan page? If I do what should I say?

I do not like looking at my Facebook wall and seeing post after post about the event. There are pictures in support, asking for prayers, relating to gun control and heated rants against the alleged shooter.

I have chosen not to acknowledge this event through my business for a few reasons.

  1. I don’t like seeing these posts on my wall so I am not going to add to it.
  2. I have not been posting very often this week (because of unrelated holiday madness) so to post only to acknowledge the event does not make sense to me.
  3. The event is not local to me. I did not post about the mall shooting in Toronto this past summer which is in my general area. If I start posting about tragic events where do I start/stop.
  4. My business fan page is a place for updates, specials, sales and cloth diaper information.

Not all businesses feel the same way I do.

Grovia decided to acknowledge the event and commemorate it with a weekend of Facebook silence.

grovia facebook status

The Feminist Breeder used the event as an opportunity to voice her political concerns/views. I would not suggest such posts for a business but since she writes a politically charged blog her statuses make absolute sense for her.

feminist breeder facebook

Mari Smith, a Facebook marketing expert, used the event to share a quote and express her sympathies.

mari smith facebook

Did you post anything through your business about the Newtown tragedy?

Do you think businesses should acknowledge events such as this one?  


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