Alternative Ways To Finance Your Business

For many small businesses financing is one of the greatest challenges. When a bank will not loan you money or you do not have the cash (or a friend or family to borrow from) you need to get creative.

Below are some creative, alternative ways to finance your small business.



Alternative Ways To Finance Your Business

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. It works on pledges. If someone likes your idea they will donate/pledge money to fund your product/business.

Pledges start at $1.00. Each idea has tiers of rewards for pledges. For example at $1.00 you may get you name featured on the project’s website but at $100.00 you may get a signed copy of the board game (or whatever the project is).

I have to warn you – Kickstarter is completely addictive. I love checking out the new projects. The creativity of some people amazes me.

fiverr is a fun website where people offer up intangible items up for $5.00 (a fiverr – get it?!) Fiverr is a great way to make a bit of extra money. Pick a skill that you excel at and plan “upsells” that make this income source quickly become viable.

Some of the current projects include; drawing a doodle, video taping a puppet saying any message you want, putting a message on a car during a morning commute and giving business advice.



Let’s go low-tech for a moment. Bartering has been around forever (and I say that earnestly not in a ‘well a really long time’ kind of way). For those who do not know bartering is the exchange of product/service without money changing hands.

It is a great way to get something you want without having to pay for it. This past summer I bartered a new in box tablet (one I was gifted but would not use) for tattoos for my husband and I. Tattoos may not be your thing but maybe you need a website made or someone to watch your kids for a few hours while you work.

Do you have any alternative ways to finance your business I missed? Please comment below.


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