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From The Stash Homemade Laundry Wash

Need some used cloth diapers to add to your stash?

From The Stash

A new, Ontario-based used cloth diaper and diapering accessories store could be your answer.

Katrina Thom, mom to an 11-month old daughter, started the online store in the spring of 2012 following her own misadventures trying to buy used cloth diapers and living in a rural farming town which lacks even a general store.

“I found it so frustrating to talk to people on Craigslist and Kijiji, drive sometimes an hour and a half each way with my daughter in tow, only to have the people not be home or the diapers not in the condition they described,” Thom said. “I thought, there has to be a better way.”

So, she set forth to find it, promising a couple essential points along the way.

The merchandise will always be accurately described down to condition, wear, staining and use.

As well, photos of each diaper – inside and out – are posted online at

From The Stash not only sells used cloth diapers, but buys and consigns them as well.

“We want to take the guesswork out of buying used cloth diapers,” Thom, who was born and raised in Hamilton, Ont., said. “No longer will you wonder if what the seller considers excellent used is what you think is needs repair. With the condition chart right online, the whole process is upfront and transparent.”

Thom feels she’s found a successful formula.

“Even though we’ve only been in business a short time so far, we have already had several repeat customers,” the wife and mother said. “I think that means people appreciate our approach.”


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From The Stash also sells amber teething jewelry

From The Stash

Though diapers and inserts make up the majority of From The Stash’s inventory, the business also sells amber necklaces, bracelets and anklets to help with teething, has its own laundry wash and sells other diapering accessories including wet bags and pail liners.

But beyond the buying and selling, Thom says she’s trying to bring cloth diapering back to the mainstream.

“We, in the cloth diaper community know all the advantages,” she said. “But, what we need to do is covert more people. If I can help teach someone the basics of cloth diapering like how many diapers you need in a stash to start out, how to care for them, different types and styles and other stuff, I consider that a success whether they buy from me or not.”

Thom offers all this information in workshops for members of the public. It’s a service she wishes was available to her when she decided, months after getting pregnant, the baby would be using cloth diapers.

“When we decided to cloth diaper, we ordered an everything you’ll need to cloth diaper package,” Thom said. “We had several different brands and styles included. We’ve since added to our stash with brands that fit our daughter and sold the diapers that weren’t a good fit. When we were starting out, I didn’t know we could have bought used ones and tried them out first.”

That in itself was frustrating since her daughter didn’t actually fit any of the diapers in Thom’s stash until she was three months old.

“We bought one size diapers thinking they’d work right away since she was an average size baby,” she said. “But no, we had to wait quite a while and we didn’t want to be replacing the stash with small, medium and large diapers.”

When she attends festivals and mom-to-mom shows on behalf of From The Stash, Thom shares her personal experiences.

“I want people to know it’s worth cloth diapering. Even if it can be frustrating when things don’t always go well,” she said. “I don’t want to scare away new moms by telling them to buy 30 diapers from me right now. Chances are you received a lot of disposables at your baby shower. Use them and try a few cloth diapers too. Your baby might love you even more for it.”

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