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3 Ways to Keep Your Blog Loaded with Fresh Content

We all have great intentions when it comes to blogging. We have wonderful ideas for our blogs, from the design, to the content and community we want to build.

However, most bloggers, myself included, have voiced the infamous “I don’t have time to blog” phrase out of frustration. After all, coming up with fresh blog ideas isn’t necessarily the challenge. The challenge is finding the time to write, edit, and publish our blog content.

Here are a few quick ideas to help you combat this conundrum.

Keep Your Blog Loaded with Content

Write for 30 minutes a day.

Simple. Write for 30 minutes a day. Period. No excuses. No complaining. No “I don’t have time”. There’s more to blogging than simply writing, but a designated writing period will put you on track with your content.

If you don’t have time to write for 30 minutes a day, you may not be able to rely solely on your own writing for your blog, because you still have to edit, select/create images to break up the monotony, develop a cohesive structure so your blog content has a decent flow, and share the posts.

Patrol for guest bloggers.

There are plenty of websites that have articles written and ready for you to publish. Your blog doesn’t have to be all about your voice. You can use articles from other writers to fill in the gaps when you have blog-block. Use an article submission service, such as Ezine Articles, that serves as a library full of ready-to-publish articles. You can also ask your colleagues to guest blog for you.

The key here is to be sure you find writers that will complement your writing style and your blog content. You want the guest post to seamlessly mesh with your existing content. For example, I write in a specific manner, so if I’m looking for a guest blogger I would be seeking someone who has a similar style, who writes for small business, and who has a following that will visit my blog to see the guest post and increase my traffic.

Use a third party video as your own blog post.

The web is overflowing with videos on every subject matter you can imagine. And using other people’s content is a great way to keep your blog fresh in addition to varying the type of content you share. You can simply write an introductory paragraph about the video, and embed the video for a complete blog post. By the way, the same holds true with infographics.

There you have it, 3 easy ways to get rid of your excuses of not having time to blog. Of course, you can always hire a ghost writer. You want to maintain a blog. However, you’re not a writer, and you have no real interest in writing. But you know a blog is what’s going to help drive more traffic and you know what the blog should be about. Ok, so outsource it and hire a ghost writer.

So, the next time you find yourself in the midst of a time management crisis with your blog, refer to one of these methods, and keep your blog loaded with fresh content.


How do you manage the “I don’t have time to blog” blues?


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