3 Tips for Keeping Facebook Fans Active During Christmas


Christmas is a-coming and the fans are getting scarce? Not by a long shot! Despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you can expect online activity to remain brisk, thanks to online shopping, photo-sharing and the passing along of well wishes and good cheer. The fact that more people have mobile devices has also increased online engagement…and this include Facebook interaction.

So it won’t do your business or blog any good to disappear in December. While you’ll understandably be more busy and eager to spend time with family and friends, make a plan to have some type of presence, even if it’s minimal, on Facebook during and after Christmas.

Here are a few ways to keep your fan page an engaging and cheerful place during the holiday:

1. Use Facebook apps to provide a coupon that fans can “unlock” for Christmas discounts, or to post a poll so they can share opinions or just answer a simple question.

2. Set up a quick contest or giveaway. The easiest way is to post a status update that asks a question. An example: “Complete this sentence for a chance to win a $10 gift card to my store: ‘My favorite thing about Christmas is…..” Photo contests are also popular and result in lots of shares among friends and family. Another simple way to create a contest is to post a photo of something from your store and have fans answer a question or leave a comment. For example: “To be entered to win this cute Peanuts Christmas bib, tell me what your favorite holiday treat is.” This type of contest not only increases engagement, it will spotlight one of your products and get lots of views.

3. Post an engaging Christmas card. That’s right, do it digitally! Create an image or collage with your Christmas greetings on it and post along with an attention-getting status update. Think outside the box and make it fun and different, something that ties into your unique product or specialty. It’s easy, free and just plain nice. Who doesn’t like to get a Christmas card from one of their favorite businesses or blogs?


How are you planning to keep your social media presence active during Christmas and the New Year?

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